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Welcome to Beastrife's LiveJournal!

I am not a very active subber, that is, do not anticipate my subbed videos everyday or something, because that's practically impossible given my subbing speed and real life schedule (which I totally hate). Also, I basically am a NEWS fan, and I might also sub other videos I deem interesting and wish to sub. So generally, I'm subbing purely as an interest, as also for others to enjoy the subs because I enjoyed the video.

On top of all that, I do not guarantee that my subs are 100% accurate, or maybe even close. For all I remember, I've only been in Japan for 3 weeks in my entire life. Everything else came from the Internet and class. I do believe that my subs make sense and are correct to an extent that you can understand the video, though.

Just a side note, I was inspired to do subtitling after enjoying loads of subtitles from NEWShFAN, who unfortunately, decided to quit subbing because of inconsiderate people who deserve to rot in hell. I hope those people do not come around.

I am currently not taking requests openly, nor will I be able to promise you anything should you ask me, even if the video is interesting.

Disclaimer: Unless I state otherwise, I am fine with people uploading and sharing my video, as long as credit is given.

Videos which are not meant for sharing will be labelled with HUGE RED TEXT to help the blind or retarded see better. Please abide by the rules or no further videos will be subbed by me.

Softsubs Tutorial + Updates (25 January 2012)

No, I'm not back to subbing. Instead I have no plans to sub anything at the moment. Not in the near future either because life is terrible and everything is messed up.

I just posted this to say that all my subs will now be SOFTSUBS ONLY. Which means there will not be any more videos available for downloads on my LiveJournal. Only the subtitle files will be available, you will have to own the RAW video to view my subtitles with the video. Also, softsubs have been added to all posts and hardsubs removed permanently.


To use softsubs, please make sure you have the raw video by whatever means you can find. Place the video in your computer, within a certain folder. Place my softsubs file (file extension .ass) in the same folder on your computer. Rename the softsubs file to be EXACTLY the same as your video, before the extension. For example, your video file name is ThisIsAVideo.avi, then rename the softsubs to be ThisIsAVideo.ass. Now play your raw video with a player that supports softsubs, like K-Lite Codec Pack or whatever. (Click Here To Search For Softwares That Support Softsubs) Voila, you can now watch your raw videos with my subtitles.

I will not entertain any more questions like "THE VIDEO IS NOT PLAYING IT IS ONLY 4KB OMGWTFBBQROFLZOMG CAN YOU REUPLOAD IT PUHLEEEEEESSSSS" because READ before you ask questions. And long pointless words like that piss me off. And if your comment is annoying enough I might just delete it.

I am providing these subtitles purely for other fans to enjoy the videos available because I know some people own the videos but do not understand a single word of Japanese. I do not profit from this at all, so I'm not obliged to do anything for you. If you don't like how troublesome my subs work, then you are most welcomed to go elsewhere to search for a better subber. There's nothing much here anyway.

Good Day everyone.

YY Club Translation - DUET January 2013 (Theme: Battle)

Because I like watching YutoYuri playing around with each other because they behave so close and brotherly, I've decided to start translating YY Club articles from Duet. And yes, I love reading their dialogues because it's so fluffy and innocent. XD

I'll start of with the latest one, full of YutoYuri love and silliness. XD

Collapse )

Translated by Beastrife

Feel free to use this translation elsewhere, but please credit me! :D

General Announcement and Comments

I will stop subbing until December. My finals exams are coming in less than 2 weeks' time. I need to study. It decides my life. This includes all sorts of videos.

On the other hand, as any NEWS fans would have already known by now, Yamapi and Ryo have left NEWS. The official announcement was made yesterday night. NEWS is now a 4-member group. Made up of 4 members I like the most.

You may want to stop following my subs or flame me or something. Suit yourselves. But from today on I will not sub any Yamapi or Ryo clips. Ryo clips can easily be found on Kanjani8 communities. I don't care about Yamapi any more. He can go chase his worldwide superstar dream for all he wants at the expense of the rest of NEWS. I understand he has to make a tough decision and he was caught in a dilemma between his own dreams and NEWS, but his attitude pisses me off. No concern for the group, no concern for the ever-waiting fans whatsoever. From his comments he sounded like he fought with NEWS all this time and now that he has achieved a firm fanbase, he could dump them and fly away on his own. It sounded like NEWS to him is now a burden because they are not as popular. I was never a Yamapi fan in the first place, now my focus is on the remaining of NEWS, and since he has decided to abandon the group for his personal challenge, I find no need to spare any thoughts for him any further. Don't bother persuading me or challenging my opinions, there's no point.

As a loyal NEWS fan, I will continue to sub, and maybe even more than before, if they do have videos that interest me. But that's after December. Also, I will continue to sub HSJ clips if I find them interesting.

I sincerely wish the best for the rest of NEWS. I hope that by removing the two big stars in the group, the remaining members will have greater mobility and opportunities to shine in the own rights. They are talented. To me, they are more talented than Yamapi or Ryo. We still have the two best singers and two best MCs in NEWS remaining. I hope that they can fit their schedules better now and that they would have more activities for their fans who have been waiting so patiently.

[Making] Hey! Say! JUMP - Magic Power PV (English Subtitles)

Was planning to upload these subtitles only tomorrow on the release date, but since I'm free today and not tomorrow, I decided to upload it first.


1) Softsubs only. They work for both purchased and downloaded RAW videos. Please show your support for the artists by purchasing the single/DVD as far as possible. Thank you!

2) No subtitles for the songs part because it's redundant. I believe everyone knows where to find translated lyrics or karaoke PVs.

3) For the 18:46 RAW video.

I enjoyed watching this Making, I hope everyone will enjoy it better with the help of my subs.

Just in case anyone is blind enough to miss this in the video itself...


Once again I am alright with you translating my subs into other languages besides English. However, please leave a message here, credit me and do not make them into hardsubs. Thank you.

Download (MediaFire):

Softsubs Only!

EDIT: *sigh* I didn't expect that I would have to write this. This is a softsub file. This is NOT A VIDEO. To use Softsubs, you need to first own the RAW video, either through buying the DVD or downloading it from somewhere else. I DO NOT PROVIDE THE RAW VIDEO FOR THIS RELEASE. Place the softsubs file and the RAW video in the same folder in your computer, name them exactly the same, and play the video using a software that supports softsubs such as Media Player Classic (K-Lite Codec Pack). Anything you do not understand, please click here.

Yamada and Chinen at The Smurfs Japan Premiere - 3 September 2011 (English Subtitles)

Sorry I haven't been subbing at all for half a year or so. Firstly, real life is tiring. Secondly, there's nothing to sub. Like really, so far I've only been subbing NEWS videos and anyone who knows NEWS well enough would know that this year will be a complete hiatus year for NEWS because NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is released. They managed to release the LIVE!x3 DVD by last year end, so this year there's completely nothing from NEWS as a group. As a fan, I express my utmost grief.

Because NEWS lacked activities so badly and I'm quite bored of having nothing interesting to watch, I began liking HSJ. Well, maybe not the entire HSJ yet (give me time, ya), but mainly YamaChii because they are my age and I love School Kakumei. As such, I decided to spend a bit of my time subbing a short news clip of them to tell the world that I have a new interest.

Description: Like all other news clips, there is a narrator talking for most of the part. Yamada and Chinen each says a few lines. We learn about Chinen's moment of happiness and how he is beginning to tend more towards an idol-comedian. (School Kakumei influence? XD)

Raw courtesy of momoka909 from YouTube.

Downloads (Mediafire Only):

Softsubs Only

[Music Fair] Tegomasu & Watari Rouka Hashiritai 7 Talk Parts - 12 February 2011 (English Subtitles)

Description: Theme of the talk was Valentine's Day. Tegoshi talks about his only memorable one, while Massu tells us about his dark past. Expect spontaneous reactions from the boys towards Warota7's confessions.

Random thought to self: I wonder why Massu's hair is natural during the talk parts, but styled during the performance. Given the flow of the talk, I believe the talk was after the performance? So he managed to remove all the gel and hairspray and get back for the talk with his hair dried? What exactly do they do in the backstage? How long did the whole filming take? O_o Pardon me.

Raw credits: tegomassmatsuri

Download (Mediafire):

Softsubs Only

Note: Translations to other languages are ALLOWED as long as I'M CREDITED, thus there is no need to ask for permission. However, please do LEAVE A COMMENT if you are going to use these subs to translate to other languages. Spread the love. :D

Additional Note: Seems like the Hardsub link is not working. I have no idea what happened though. I'll try to re-upload once my drama downloads finish/when I have time. In the mean time, you might want to download the raw from tegomassmatsuri at here and use the softsubs instead.
Hardsubs are now working!

[TV] Tegomasu - Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable! 31 December 2010 (English Subtitles)


Happy New Year to all! As a New Year's gift, I present to you the first subbed video of 2011!

Description: Tegomasu guests on a variety show where they will be made to advance through a haunted mansion. Given their cowardly personalities, you know what awaits!

NOTE: Not suitable for all who might suffer nosebleed or faint from overdose of Tegomasu no Ai. Also not suitable for TegoMasu pairing haters.

Raw courtesy of kparadisek

Download (MediaFire): Softsubs Only

Hope everyone enjoys 2011 to the fullest!

P.S. If anyone has the link to download full version(RAW or Subbed) 61st NHK Kouhaku Utagassen and/or Johnny's Countdown 2010-2011, please do drop me a comment. I'm looking for regular quality videos. Johnny's Countdown should be one full video instead of the 5 parts one, Kouhaku can be one video or divided into first and second halves. Thank you in advance.

[Music] Masuda Takahisa - SNOW EXPRESS (MP3 Download)

Hi all~ Seeing that the year is ending in less than 24 hours over here, I decided I should share this little gift with you guys (especially Massu fans).

I know, I posted this kind of late. Actually I've uploaded the video to YouTube on Christmas Day itself and embedded it on the news_jpop but the video got taken down because of alleged copyright infringement.

So, it's New Year's Eve over here already, and I present to you Massu's solo SNOW EXPRESS sung on his radio show, Master Hits, on 24 December 2010's Christmas Eve cum 300th Broadcast Special~

Radio recording courtesy of konacafe2011 on YouTube.

DOWNLOADS (on MediaFire):
Video (Still Image + Kanji Lyrics)

It's been a couple of months doing subs for just a few videos. It has been enjoyable subbing at my snail's pace. Thank you for putting up with my lazy and slow subbing though. :D

I'll continue subbing as and when I feel like it. Don't expect too much from me. I'll try to put studies as my priority next year.

Enjoy the song! Happy New Year! Hope 2011 will be an awesome one for all J-pop fans. :D